ICON Gym partners with 2 former Jamaican track and field  stars to provide training to the Wakeland Boys Varsity Baseball Team.  

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ICON Gym is the authentic training solution. We are focused on education, training and discipline put to practice in an environment uniquely designed and equipped to meet those demands unlike anyone else in the area of strength and conditioning.



Training Gym First

ICON Gym is a training gym first and that’s what separates it from all other competitors. Our programs are specifically designed, not random. Members are trained using the same principals employed in athletics to prevent injury and enhance performance.

Our memberships are not self-serve but rather coach-led.

ICON training is dynamic and combines multiple training disciplines. We have fused the camaraderie of group exercise with the accelerated results of personal coaching and brought it into a facility that will support training far beyond boot camp style workouts.

Excellent service coupled with an organized and vigorous training experience is our foundation. Educating our members on sound training principles and their application ensures their success and continued commitment.



Types of Training

Your daily training will fall into one of the following categories based on your goals and current level of fitness.

BASIC TRAINING is our platform program. Used to develop better movement skills, improve active range of motion, balance and coordination. Joint integrity is the name of the game! We don’t train body parts, we train joints and movement.

FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH combining optimal movement patterns mastered in Basic Training using load.

ATHLETICS is a combination of dynamic warm up, weight lifting and functional training. We take into account the specific needs of each sport. We have seen amazing results from this program, check out our testimonials from parents and athletes.