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An update and a little twist in our original plans. 

By December 11, 2019 No Comments

First, THANK YOU!!! Each one of you has been patient, kind and incredibly supportive as we transition to the next chapter of ICON. Admittedly, this transition has not gone as smooth as we were expecting. Despite this, you all have been steadfast in your commitment and support, and that hasn’t gone unnoticed.

A few details: We will not be moving to the Performance Center as expected. Baylor downtown has taken over the training facility in Frisco. This was surprising news to say the least. The great people that run the Frisco facilities and those that were committed to us moving over were not privy to this information. There is some confusion on what’s happening over there. Because I’m not involved in what their immediate plans are, I was not given much information other than they may do something different with that facility, so my apologies to you. There was some miscommunication and it, quite honestly, put us in a bit of a bind and caught us off guard. However, this is God’s plan and we can overcome! 

Where one door closes, another opens!

The good news: We are negotiating terms on a new location very near by that is much larger and better . Details will be communicated when the ink is dry on the paperwork this time!

Just so you know:

  • Memberships have been put on hold since post dated back to December 1st so no-one loses any time when we re-open. Our plan was to begin at Baylor Tuesday, December 3.
  • Refunds, if requested, can be handled in a couple of ways and you may contact me directly .

The goal of ICON is to be put in a position so each of you can thrive. Without you all thriving there is no purpose for our growth. Although this is not the news you wanted to hear, nor the plan we had, God has the ultimate plan and our mission will not change. We are working as quickly as possible to move forward and I will be updating you regularly as the details come together.