At ICON GYM, we call our top-level training system Athletics.  It is the culmination of all of our training components used for youth-specific sports, adult athletes, and overall athletic fitness.

Youth Sports // Athletic Fitness // Adult Athletes

Our program is designed to improve athletic ability and enhance skills through proper coaching and progression of movement. All sports require proficiency in balance, stability, agility, speed, strength and power in all planes of motion including all forms of rotation. If an athlete relies on God given talent alone, he/she will not succeed at the higher levels of competition.

Strength and performance begins in the spine and hips. If your core and hips are weak, you are weak everywhere. Many training programs fail to take this fundamental principle into consideration and fall short of delivering the best possible results.

ICON’S training program is focused on developing core and hip strength first. We aim to improve on-the-field agility, speed and power all while reducing potential for injury.

ICON has developed a program to expose weaknesses and improve athletic performance in the following disciplines:

  • Static and dynamic flexibility
  • Balance and stability of the trunk and spine
  • Multiple plane agility
  • Dynamic and absolute strength
  • Rotational speed and power
  • Explosive power
  • Weight Training form and Technique

Proper development in these areas promotes muscular strength and balance.

Give your skills-training a firm foundation!

Your practice is not your training

Current Athletics Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, thru Evenings at 7:00 PM

Saturday morning times avaiable

Please call to schedule as class size is limited.

Monthly Packages Available

Team pricing available for 5 or more participants from one team.

Call (214) 250-4207 to schedule training or get more information.