An update and a little twist in our original plans. 

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First, THANK YOU!!! Each one of you has been patient, kind and incredibly supportive as we transition to the next chapter of ICON. Admittedly, this transition has not gone as smooth as we were expecting. Despite this, you all have been steadfast in your commitment and support, and that hasn’t gone unnoticed.

A few details: We will not be moving to the Performance Center as expected. Baylor downtown has taken over the training facility in Frisco. This was surprising news to say the least. The great people that run the Frisco facilities and those that were committed to us moving over were not privy to this information. There is some confusion on what’s happening over there. Because I’m not involved in what their immediate plans are, I was not given much information other than they may do something different with that facility, so my apologies to you. There was some miscommunication and it, quite honestly, put us in a bit of a bind and caught us off guard. However, this is God’s plan and we can overcome! 

Where one door closes, another opens!

The good news: We are negotiating terms on a new location very near by that is much larger and better . Details will be communicated when the ink is dry on the paperwork this time!

Just so you know:

  • Memberships have been put on hold since post dated back to December 1st so no-one loses any time when we re-open. Our plan was to begin at Baylor Tuesday, December 3.
  • Refunds, if requested, can be handled in a couple of ways and you may contact me directly .

The goal of ICON is to be put in a position so each of you can thrive. Without you all thriving there is no purpose for our growth. Although this is not the news you wanted to hear, nor the plan we had, God has the ultimate plan and our mission will not change. We are working as quickly as possible to move forward and I will be updating you regularly as the details come together.

The Next Chapter of ICON Gym

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As many of you were aware, we have been looking at relocating ICON and expanding our facilities for quite some time. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, this move came a lot sooner than we expected and has created a few hurdles. These “hurdles” actually turned out to be very positive and I’d to share a few details.

Before I go into the details, I want to thank everyone for your support, loyalty and kind words. I’ve been humbled by all the offers to help move. The excitement everyone has over our new location is spreading! Each one of our members (you) and the results we see day in and day out give us motivation to work harder and reach more to build healthier lifestyles. We don’t want to expand just to grow ICON, we want to expand so each one of you can continue to thrive.

I’ve had a lot of questions over this past week and here is where we are as of right now:

First, the legal departments are working through some logistics and paperwork of our move and we are waiting on that to be completed. Our initial move-in date has been postponed until they are able to wrap things up on their end. Thankfully this shouldn’t take long!

Second, we are moving to The Baylor Scott & White Sports Performance Center.

The address is 3800 Gaylord Parkway Suite 120 – Located at The Star across the street from The Omni Hotel on Cowboy Way. The training facility is located on the first floor and the parking garage is literally across the hall, so it’s easy to get to. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but the agilities area outside the gym is big enough to land a plane in and there’s a locker room that could compete with any day spa in town. You will immediately see the incredible benefits The Performance Center has.

Third, many of you have asked about our equipment and offered to help us move. We have taken out most of what we can on our own, however, some of the bigger equipment requires being broken down by trained techs, so they are on it as we speak. Again, I know I’ve said this already and I want to say it again, I really appreciate everyone’s willingness to help. It truly shows we are a close community and I am grateful for that and grateful for you.

I know we all miss the endless hours of Van Halen playing in the background while we train but nothing worthwhile is easy and this move will be well worth the wait! I’m excited for our new chapter and I hope you are too.

Remember our mission: We are focused on education, training and discipline put to practice in an environment uniquely designed and equipped to meet those demands unlike anyone else in the area of strength and conditioning. Our location may change but the mission remains the same!

For updates please stay tuned to our Facebook page and please reach out to me directly if you have any questions.

THANK YOU for your endless support of ICON.

– Chad

Olympic Speed Coach Danny MacFarlane to Train at Wakeland High School Saturday, November 4th

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BACK for more speed mechanics training!!  2-time Olympic sprinter and hurdler Danny MacFarlane, and fellow Olympic 400M sprinter Michael Blackwood will be at Wakeland High School in partnership with ICON Gym on Saturday, October 7th.  Danny will offer (2) 1.5 hour speed mechanics training sessions at 8am and again at 9:30m.

Danny won silver medals in both the 2000 and 2004 Olympic games, as well as Gold in the 2003 World Indoor Championships.  Ricardo spent 12 years in the pro track and field circuit.  Michael won Silver in the 4x400M Relay at the 2000 Olympics.

ICON Members can participate in these sessions FREE of CHARGE.  Non-members can register for just $35 for either session.  We are very excited to have the opportunity to work with former Olympians while developing athleticism in our clients.

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Olympic Athletes Danny MacFarlane and Ricardo Williams Train Wakeland Baseball Team

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2-time Olympic sprinter and hurdler Danny MacFarlane, and fellow Jamaican sprinter Ricardo Williams partnered with ICON Gym to offer two 1.5 training sessions for the Wakeland Varsity Boys Baseball Team on Saturday, September 9th. Danny won silver medals in both the 2000 and 2004 Olympic games, as well as Gold in the 2003 World Indoor Championships.  Ricardo spent 12 years in the pro track and field circuit.

As ICON Gym continues it’s training partnership with Wakeland High School’s Varsity Baseball team, we are very excited to have the opportunity to work with a former Olympian while developing athleticism in our clients.

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Wakeland Baseball Combine Returning Fall 2017

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Wakeland High School’s Varsity Boys baseball will return to ICON gym in the Fall of 2017 to continue training for the season. Last year, the varsity boys baseball team reached the state tournament and hopes to continue that tradition by returning again this season.

ICON Gym Partners with McKinney Marshals Select Baseball

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ICON Gym is excited to be partnering with the McKinney Marshals Select Baseball organization for Strength and Athleticism training in the Fall of 2017.

A description of the program is below along with a link to the McKinney Marshals website with details.


Designed to help athletes MAXIMIZE their strength and athleticism in a comprehensive 12-week campaign (two 6-week programs).

  • ICON GYM Training Program*
    • Perfectly augments your HS work
    • Group classes up to four days per week
    • Certified testing w/laser timing
    • Balance/flexibility/functional movement for baseball players
    • Strengthen core, hips, back & abs
    • Build strength, endurance, fitness, flexibility and athleticism
    • Up to four days per week (2 makeup days) on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays.
    • Choice of starting times afternoon or evenings
    • Location: 9410 Dallas Pkwy #140, Frisco, TX
    • OR, PAY $420 FOR BOTH (12 WEEKS) AND SAVE $60 ($35/WEEK)

* Available to Marshals & non-Marshals players

Wakeland Boys Varsity Baseball Headed to State

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5-1 (W) – Wakeland vs. Mansfield Legacy

On Saturday, June 3rd, Wakeland Boys Baseball defeated Mansfield Legacy (5-1) to move on to the State tournament.


Class 5A SemiFinals :: 4:00pm Thursday, June 8th
Frisco Wakeland (38-4-1) vs. Port Neches-Groves (32-8-2) 

Wakeland Baseball, Led by Wyatt Marr, Wins 5A Region II SemiFinal Series

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Frisco Wakeland 10, Cleburne 0

Wyatt Marr was 3 for 3 with three runs and three RBIs as Wakeland won game 3 in six innings to win the best-of-3 5A Region II semifinal series.

Wakeland (36-4-1) had seven double among its 14 hits, with Marr, Jared Martin, and John Gallup each doubling twice.  Martin was 3 for 3 with two RBIs, and JT Thompson went 2 for 3 with three RBIs.

Much of the Wakeland High School baseball team trains at ICON Gym.