Personal Training

Ready to get off the treadmill?

Anyone can count reps and make you sweat; WE WILL MAKE YOU BETTER.

Our personal training clients will begin with an evaluation of several fundamental movement patterns, ranking functional limitations. Not addressing these conditioning issues can promote long-term complications such as chronic low back pain or knee and shoulder damage.

We begin with good training principles that promote joint integrity by developing core and hip strength and learning the proper techniques for foundational exercise. We get results more effectively and they are long lasting.

Don’t buy into the before-and-after photos as a standard for training. While aesthetics are important, they should not be the sole measure of achievement. Our coaches are highly educated, experienced and passionate.

Expect a challenging training experience.

So much more than counting reps and chatting while you stroll on the treadmill.  Expect a training experience; our coaches are passionate, educated and experienced.