“I started working with Chad in 2016 and it changed my life and my career. In my opinion there is not another gym for athletes to train at that has what ICON has to offer. A combination of the knowledge he provides and the people around the gym is what makes it so special. Chad helped me to understand what kind of hard work and dedication it takes to change your body. ICON Gym impacted my career and helped me to fulfill my dream and play in the Major Leagues. I fully plan on continuing to work with Chad for years to come, and consider ICON Gym my home. If you are an athlete I highly recommend Chad Marr and ICON Gym.” ~ Ryan O’Hearn

I’ve known Chad for many years and you will not find a better, more caring individual. I went to see Chad recently after I could no longer stand my chronic back pain from growing up playing sports competitively and playing college baseball.

I’ve been working out with Chad now for several months. My back pain is totally gone and I feel fantastic. You will not find anyone who is more knowledgeable on how your body works and functions more than Chad.

Chad’s way of “training” instead of “working out” at ICON Gym is second to none. If I could have trained like this in high school and college, there’s no doubt I would’ve had a longer athletic career.

I now manage D-BAT Frisco, an indoor baseball & softball training facility. I see many young athletes daily that could really benefit from Chad’s knowledge and expertise. If you’re a competitive athlete regardless of age who wants to become more athletic, stronger, faster, I suggest you go to ICON Gym immediately. ~ Kyle Wilson


I am a fellow fitness professional. I’ve been in the industry for over a decade and have worked at Cooper Fitness Center, Dallas Country Club, Equinox and I have my degree in exercise sports and science.  In fitness there is “working out” and then there is “training.” Each of our bodies are different and we all have different strengths and weaknesses. At Icon gym, they “train” and they do it the right way.

Honestly, if we could all afford it, we should each go through physical therapy and then get into functional training.  When you go to Chad and Icon Gym you are basically getting that whole package for a much cheaper cost. He is SO knowledgeable and his experience in the fitness industry is impressive. Chad knows how to get YOU to a healthier, stronger you. Your body will thank you.  He is truly a gem in our industry.

~ Charity Smith, B.S. Exercise and Sports Science, NASM certified personal trainer

“I am writing you this letter to express my gratitude for all that you have done for me. For 35 years I struggled with a bad back. Orthopedic doctors blamed it on two bulging discs, chiropractors prescribed frequent visits, I tried massage therapy and yet I still threw my back out 2 – 4 times a year resulting in the need of muscle relaxers and bed rest. I tried personal trainers, working on my core more, eating better, but nothing worked. I actually asked my orthopedic doctor to do surgery because of the constant pain I was in and the fear of throwing my back out at every turn. I cannot tell you how many vacations this conditioned ruined for me and my family. I gave up running, could no longer walk 18 holes of golf and carry my bag. Standing was the worst thing I could do to myself as pretty severe pain was sure to come. All in all, things were getting pretty unmanageable.

I always thought a part of my problem was all the air travel I did, which I know could not have helped but as President and CEO of the company I worked for, I had to do air travel…..in fact I have logged well over 5 million miles so far. I cringed getting up after every flight not knowing just how bad my back would react to the flight or if it would go out on me again. Anyone who has thrown their back out while out of town alone, knows how bad of an experience this is.

Now, almost two years after reluctantly giving you a try, I have not thrown my back out even one time and I no longer live in constant pain. I tell people all the time that you were my miracle worker. It is really hard to explain how much better my life is due to the work you have done with me. The incredible thing is that you make it all seem so simple, even the exercises you prescribe seem basic, nothing overly complicated and I do them with you twice a week for an hour……and yet they have really worked. I still fly quite a bit and am a pretty avid hunter (think tree stands) and golfer and I get to do all of this pretty much pain free. The only pain I really get is from my wife reminding me that she recommended I go see you long before I actually did.

I don’t think I fully realized just how much my bad back was effecting my life. When I run into people I have not seen in years, they almost always ask how my back is doing. So clearly more than I thought as I did not even realize these people knew I had a bad back. I have to guess it was just that obvious.

You have done what all the others could not, and I cannot thank you enough for it. I would recommend you to anyone who suffers from constant back pain and the fear of throwing their back out on a regular basis. I only wish I had come to see you a long time ago, I just did not think there was much hope that a personal trainer could have this kind of impact. I am now a believer that your knowledge of the muscle and skeletal system and how they all work together makes you much more than a personal trainer. I think miracle work may truly be appropriate.”

Ben Fischer

I’ve known Chad for over 20 years and his knowledge of training and approach to accomplishing individual goals is one of the best in the business. Chad is thorough and precise with his pre assessment and evaluations for each person helping them address their weakness and succeed at their goals.”  ~ Jason Brown

“A year ago we came to Chad to help our son get in better physical shape so that he could play better baseball increase his velocity and prevent injury. He did everything we asked and more. Luke lost 27 pounds, and became a better ball player. His speed running bases got better, his pitching velocity went from 83-88mph. He pitched more than 38 innings during Spring baseball and 35 innings during summer ball. He never had any issues with pain or injury. This has been the best preparation for any sport and best injury prevention ever. But even better than all of the physical preparation is how much Chad invested time to help Luke become a better man by exhibiting and teaching strong moral character and mental toughness. Luke continues to workout at the ever expanding gym knowing that every minute spent will pay off in long-term benefits.” ~ Cathy Childers Scaggs

“As a police officer for more than 15 years, with 12 of those years on the SWAT team, being in top physical and mental condition is not only vital but critical. With Chad’s help, he’s taught me that you cannot have one without the other… that mental strength correlates with physical strength, and when you have both, nothing is impossible.

Chad has been my training coach and partner for the past several years. When we first met, I was having sharp pains in my left shoulder. After his assessment, he told me I was weak in my back from working chest (bench press) more than other muscle groups, and I was even doing that wrong, which was causing the pain in my shoulder, not to mention I could barely press 135lbs. The first several weeks of our training were devoted to strengthening my back and shoulders, and teaching me proper form. Since then, my physical performance and appearance at work has improved. The 135lbs bench press has been replaced with a 315lbs bench press, as well as heavier lifts with other muscle groups, faster run times, and more stamina!

Over the years, I’ve come to know Chad well, and I can definitely say that he possesses the rare ability to genuinely care about each and every person that comes before him. He understands that if you truly want to help someone, you must take the time to get to know the person, inside and out in order to help them improve in all ways.

As for me, with Chad’s workouts and his nutrition guidance, I’ve become physically stronger and gained muscle. I am amazed at his never-ending depth of knowledge. And even now, with his unique exercise techniques and workouts, I continue to build strength and mass.

Currently, Chad is working on a program to help my Department’s SWAT team achieve maximum physical stamina and efficiency. A team is only as strong as the weakest leak, and in an effort to continually push the team’s strength boundaries, Chad will determine the physical fitness of each operator. From there, he’ll craft a specific strength conditioning training program to help the team achieve and exceed optimal levels of performance.

Chad isn’t just a trainer. He genuinely cares about each and every person and does whatever it takes to help bring out the very best in the people he works with.” ~ Lance Hobbs, Police Officer (1995-current) / United States Marine Corps (1990-1994)