The Matrix Programs @ ICON and why we developed them.

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mey-triks- noun
something that constitutes the place or point from which something else originates, takes form or develops.
Anatomy. a formative part

I like the martial arts, the heritage, the history and the discipline that all the various forms embody. One of my favorite movies is the original Karate Kid. For any of us who are old enough to remember this movie one of the most ICONIC scenes is where Mr. Miyagi, a karate master from Okinawa, begins teaching his student Daniel LaRusso the fundamentals of the art by waxing his cars, sanding his decks and painting his fence and later his house.

After several days of showing up for training Daniel becomes upset because he wants to learn karate instead of doing what he believes to be a bunch of chores. When confronted with the issue that he wasn’t being trained, Mr. Miyagi then revealed to “Danielson” that his efforts had in fact been the foundation for his training that would propel him into the martial arts, what is now famously known as “wax on wax off.”

What is the principle here? Like Daniel, many believe that jumping right in to kicking, punching and breaking boards or whatever is the answer.

Everyone wants to do the big stuff: squat, bench, deadlift and so on without understanding the valuable wax on wax off principle.

Not unlike martial arts, training in the gym, and lifting weights has a foundation. It’s based on proper mechanics and developing form first before loads.

Virtually everyone walking into a training environment brings with them limitations and joint imbalances, especially athletes!

Smart strength coaches know this and program their workouts to deal with these issues first, and head-on.

No one would expect to join a martial arts facility and to strap on a black belt, break boards and have a match their first day or even their first month. Yet this happens in weight rooms at our schools and local fitness centers everyday.

The Matrix Programs at ICON Gym break down the anatomy of all the major lifts and teach them through a series of special exercises also know as accessory work.

These progressions lead up to the ability to deal with loads in a proper way while creating balance, flexibility and strength in the joints.

It’s not a bootcamp, but a Training Culture that will not only enhance your physical abilities to their highest levels, but will let you enjoy them for a very long time.

Train smart, Train hard, Train often!

Chad Marr
Founder- ICON Gym